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Dan Rose

In one of my former lives, I was the editor for a fantasy sports web site that only had one full-time writer (me), and between 20 to 30 freelance writers at any time. Of those 30, there were exactly ZERO professional writers in the group. Instead, I had doctors, lawyers, a boatload of accountants (go figure), salespersons, and IT people—all of whom were brilliant in their…

Dan Rose

Technology, social media and a global economy have changed the business world tremendously, and business writing has changed right along with it. While business writers used to focus on writing rules and details, today they find that the modern reader is more interested in writing that is quick, easy, and to the point. There are several steps business writers can take to make their writing…

Dan Rose

Professionals deal with a lot of correspondence on the job. That means having strong verbal and written communication skills is a must. Many employees are great at their jobs, but lack certain business writing skills necessary to enhance productivity. As a manager, it’s always a good idea to empower staff with the training they need to do their jobs better, and business writing seminars are a great…

Dan Rose

Do you think you need to improve your business writing? More importantly, does your boss or co-workers think you need to improve your business writing? Survey after survey of U.S. businesses cite written communication as their employees’ biggest skill problem. But, while many professionals’ writing skills aren’t up-to-speed, the need for solid written communication is stronger than ever. In fact, many top executives say that…

Dan Rose

Writing compelling copy and engaging email content isn’t easy … and that’s true for the professionals that do it every day for a living. For people whose jobs are in other areas of the company, being asked to suddenly write copy for a customer can be terrifying. When it comes to sales copy, just because you CAN write does not mean that you SHOULD write….

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