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Dan Rose

As an administrative assistant, you are a critical bridge between your bosses and your co-workers. In addition, the support you supply to management requires serious skills. Therefore, to succeed and advance, focus on sharpening the skills most valued by top executives. Without them, you’ll shortchange yourself and potentially miss out on important opportunities. Unfortunately, when it comes to admins, there is a misconception in the business…

Dan Rose

Other than yourself, no one has a bigger impact on your career than your direct supervisor. That’s why it’s critical that you build a strong relationship that ensures your boss is on your side. We understand that this is easier to do with some bosses than others. But we guarantee that no matter what your boss is like, if you follow these 5 steps, your…

Dan Rose

Everyone gets interrupted at work, but administrative assistants, by the nature of their jobs, probably get interrupted more than most. Not only does she work for at least one boss (and sometimes multiple bosses), she is the conduit between the boss and the rest of the organization. But, as an admin, when you’re on deadline and trying to get a project off your desk, who…

Dan Rose

Administrative assistants, like many employees, often undersell themselves when it comes to self-promotion. Unfortunately, if they don’t do it, no one else is going to do it either. On the bright side, if you’re an admin, it’s not that difficult to make sure your work is acknowledged. Furthermore, you can put your name in the minds (and on the lips) of the movers and shakers in…

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