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Some parts of tgreat #CustomerService will never, ever go out of style no matter what technology does       |       For a good #FridayFeeling, a blog with a few wise sayings collected through a very long life #Kindness       |       @Grumbleking @realDonaldTrump We shall remain quiet and neutral, but smile knowingly. Everyone can use more tact an…       |       @JessicaWarrene Great! We're glad you joined us today and hope you get everything you want out of the training. #NeverStopLearning       |       Remember: Being completely terrible at something is the first step to being pretty darn good at it via @TheMuse


Dan Rose

It’s become the norm for professionals to work 60 or more hours a week … not ending the work day until late at night … and spending time on work during the weekends. On one hand, this may display an intense dedication to a company and the roles and responsibilities bestowed upon employees. But on the other, working that much might not allow many to…

Dan Rose

Businesses that deal with marketing tactics, or offer creative services, can benefit from developing a positive atmosphere for their employees to work in. The more people are encouraged and supported in their office environment, the better they will be able to provide unique and compelling work. This may mean investing in project management seminars and technical training, such as Photoshop seminars. If workers see that their leaders are…

Cameron Bishop

You know how valuable your best employees are to your organization, how they keep your organization productive and moving in the right direction. As such, you simply can’t afford to lose them; they are just too valuable. But how do you hang on to your best and brightest employees? How can you keep superstars and the promising stars of tomorrow satisfied and excited about their…