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Including social media engagement strategies in on-line marketing campaigns has become popular over the past several years. As businesses began to take advantage of digital forums and networking sites to connect with their target audiences, they saw increased customer loyalty and received inside knowledge about customer preferences. But with the majority of companies now active on social media, businesses have to work harder to engage customers. While many organizations have chosen to employ social media professionals to interact directly with customers on-line and create custom marketing plans for each networking site, building trust through social media continues to be a challenge.

Many offices have gone to open-floor plans, but even the traditional cubicle-type workplace can be rife with noise. From chatting co-workers to ringing phones, today's workplaces can present professionals with a wealth of digital and human distractions. Quieting the chaos to get work done can be a considerable hurdle for managers and employees alike, but it doesn't have to be. Even if employees can't stop an unwanted noise from occurring, they have techniques at their disposal to lessen the distraction's impact.

Oftentimes, professionals implement time management tools and techniques to get the most out of their work days, but a recent post on Time Management Ninja suggested managers and employees can receive life benefits as well by adopting an organized approach to their days. Time management can help professionals decrease their stress levels and create more free time, and it can even result in needing to put less effort into tasks. There are certain reasons why professionals see their time sucked down the drain, however, that could be putting a damper on becoming more organized and productive.

Everyone wants to receive positive feedback for their hard work, yet sometimes managers recognize the wrong team member for an innovative idea or don't provide the reward they had originally promised. Providing recognition and rewards to workers is a powerful motivator for employee performance and engagement. But doing it effectively is equally important.